Sunflowers Will Forever Be My Obsession!


Spring is Here! Floral EVERYTHING looks great with any outfit!  Since I Love Sunflowers, I Had To Buy Myself These Shorts!  
My outfit ♥

♥ Birkenstock Look Alike Sandals

♥ White Halter Sheer Top

♥ Sunflower Flowy Shorts

♥ Michael Kors Watch

♥ Sunflower Necklace

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Every outfit styled by Me!

Enjoy! ♥

My Instagram: @FabulousSerghy


IMG_6918 IMG_6933IMG_6883IMG_6915IMG_6902 1IMG_6910IMG_6907IMG_6916IMG_6892 1IMG_6866 1IMG_6908IMG_6875 1IMG_6865IMG_6874IMG_6896IMG_6873 1IMG_6897 1IMG_6914IMG_6900IMG_6923IMG_6863IMG_6885IMG_6931IMG_6902 1IMG_6934IMG_6926IMG_6903 1IMG_6887IMG_6911IMG_6917IMG_6898 1IMG_6920IMG_6870 1IMG_6907IMG_6935IMG_6913IMG_6899 1IMG_6877IMG_6905


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