March is here,

Means spring is too! 

Fun Fact about Me: I’m an Ocean Freak! So if you want to make me happy, take me by the ocean! I can sit at the beach and just be the happiest girl out there haha.  

What I wore: 

Very causal & chic.

  • Jean Skirt.
  • Boho flowy white blouse.
  • Wool Black Hat.
  • Aviator Blue Sunglasses.
  • Gladiator Brown Sandals.
  • Boho Gold Necklace.
  • Peach colored bracelets.
  • Michael Kors Gold Watch.

“All Outfits Put Together By Me!” 

Leave your Comments & Enjoy ♥



IMG_1980 IMG_1933IMG_1968IMG_1974IMG_1978IMG_1932 2IMG_2006IMG_2017IMG_2009IMG_2003IMG_1940IMG_1937 1IMG_1945IMG_1902IMG_1993IMG_1979IMG_1936IMG_1982 1IMG_1906IMG_1991IMG_1973IMG_2007IMG_1928IMG_1942IMG_1976IMG_1930 1IMG_1981IMG_1967


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