Love Day Should Be Everyday!

Valentines day is probably one of my favorite days! Roses in the pictures are two of the roses that came in a dozen, I received by surprise and They left a card with them. Pretty sweet of that person! ♥

Valentines Day Outfit! 

♥ BodyCon Peplum Black Dress.

♥ Pink Heels.

♥ Boho Coin Gold Necklace.

♥ Michael Kors Side Purse.

♥ Michael kors Rose Gold Watch.

♥ Pink Bracelets.

Every Outfit Is Styled By Me! ♥

ENJOY Your Love Day, XOXO! 



8 thoughts on “Love Day Should Be Everyday!”

    1. Hello! Thank you for much! 😍 i started this to inspire plus size ladies, I know some don’t think they could look good in certain clothes but it’s not true! ☺️ thank you for following! 💕


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