Because its LOVE Month!

Yes I look different! I cut my hair short for the first time since elementary school! Totally scared of how it would look but i’m in love with it now. Taking risks in life is what I like doing! ♥

It’s LOVE MONTH! Probably My Favorite Month! ♥

Here’s what a cute Valentines day, Day outfit would look like! 

Simple but has some pink for the day:

♥ Pink Blazer.

♥ White Boho Top/ Fringe Semi Crop Top.

♥ Tan Brown Ankle Heeled Booties 

♥ Blue Jeans/ Semi Ripped.

Enjoy these photos & the outfit! Let me know what you ladies think! 

Happy Valentines Day!

Follow for more inspired looks! ♥

IMG_3659IMG_1809IMG_3665IMG_1815IMG_1822IMG_1827IMG_3672IMG_1825IMG_3674IMG_1831IMG_1843IMG_3655IMG_3664IMG_3660XOXO! ♥ 

(All outfits done by the one and only, myself haha) 

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